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Three Powerful Help Authoring Tools

Providing help is a vital part of software development. A well-written help file makes a huge difference in how a user feels about your software.  Good help makes you look professional and user-focused.  Poor help files can make your program seem amateurish.  Of course, a good user guide or manual makes learning anything easier.

In this article I'm going to compare three help authoring tools: Help & Manual, HelpNDoc, and WinCHM. All three share the same basic features.  All three have an HTML editor that can create tables of contents and indexes. Each can compile standalone help files and web help. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The differences between the programs are fascinating and show that their developers started their projects with very different ideas.

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This issue we highlight 5 programs  from the Internet category of ***.

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Top 5 New and Notable from Internet Software


Featured Software

Rip DVD Plus
Use Rip DVD Plus to play DVD movies on your PC or almost any device that plays video. Save DVD movies in almost any file format. View them on the largest number of devices in the industry. You can continue to work while the disc is being processed. The program includes a full-featured DVD viewer, allowing you to watch the DVD while ripping it. Rip DVD Plus can read DVDs where other programs fail.

Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition
Protect the private information on your computer with Ad-Aware, the original and most trusted anti-spyware program that thoroughly detects, removes, and blocks malicious applications.

Total Server Monitor
Total Server Monitor automatically monitors all aspects of your server and network and informs you in case of a failure. You can rely on it. Total Server Monitor also corrects the problem. Download your free copy now.
EF Talk Scriber
The EF Talk Scriber is a combination text editor program and audio file player, designated to emulate a dictation transcribing machine. Multilingual.
Tidy Favorites SE
Tidy up your favorite bookmarks! Organize your favorite links as live thumbnails instead of trying to work through plain-text links. Open, delete, move, resize and update bookmarks in a single click. Works with all browsers.

Gizmo Project
Gizmo Project - Free Internet phone software that offers free PC-to-PC calls and ultra-low rates for calls to ordinary landlines and mobile phones.

Notable Arrivals and Updates

Write and manage your documentation from an easy to use yet powerful help authoring environment. Generate standard Windows CHM help files, WEB based documentation, PDF and Word documents from a single source. 
  Mass File Editor
Text operations engine to process many files routinely from a user supplied list. Searches the regular expressions, maintains the data stack of what was found and allows composing new data from it, edits all files without users attention required.
  Poker Challenge
This enjoyable card game cleverly blends the rules of poker with solitaire. The game is easy to learn, fun to play, and extremely addicting! Countless hours of entertainment and challenge are packed into this unique game.


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